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Off the Cuff Collection 2018

December 2018

A collection of LARGE Single panel comics! Full color, 8x10 HUGE COMIC w/ Gloss cover! Print on Demand! There is a little bit of everything in here, however not enough for them all! 2019 is here, and a new release to come soon!


$9.99 + Shipping!

Anatomy of a Fart.jpg

Anatomy of a Fart

By: Maura Kempa

Illustrated by Ravenfeller

Meet Greg and his three best friends as they explore the world of passing gas. Typically boys his age just love to share their unique abilities to name the farts they pass and see who can rip the loudest, longest and smelliest one. 

FREE! On Kindle Unlimited!

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$2.99 + Shipping!

Amazing Tornado Stoppers.jpg

The Amazing Tornado Stoppers. A Day To Remember

By: Maura Kempa

Comic inserts by: Ravenfeller

Journey along with Matt, Pete and Ryan as they learn about tornadoes and how they are formed. They decide to explore ways to stop the funnel cloud from touching the ground. Ryan loves to do science experiments and usually take first place at the science fairs. 

FREE! On Kindle Unlimited!

Or Just:

$2.99 + Shipping!

green mans guide to earth living.jpg

The Greenman's Guide To Green Living and Working

By: Matthias Gelber

Cartoon inserts by Ravenfeller

Learn hard reach common sense and trial and error survival common sense for the means of oneself and all of humanity. Simple to do things to make your footprint cleaner, and the world a better place. Good for all ages!

Free Preview:

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Willie Weeman Too Tall.jpg

Willie Weeman: Too Tall

by Jordan Harris

Illustrated By Ravenfeller

Willie Weeman was just a normal, fun-loving kid until he hit a growth spurt that changed his life forever!

FREE! on Kindle!




IronLeaf - Recycle/Reuse Album

By Ravenfeller & C.Inc.

Modern Beatnik, from Clowns Incorporated

A small group of contributing Artists, and Musicians, that re-create the lost days of Musical beatnik verse, brought into the future with up to date content for our modern age. Poetic Music and translations put to LIVE Jazz/ Blues Music. Nabz- Marc Coy - Chris Coop

Hard Copy

$9.99 + Shipping!

coming Soon!

    2019 -2021

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